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Exclusive Coaching & Advisory

I help accomplished leaders and elite performers define their identity and purpose and write their next chapter in four ways:

1. Define their identity, purpose, and greatest potential.  See 'Superpower Sessions'


2. Membership in my personal Mastermind: a powerful peer mentorship support group that shares objective feedback, support, and resources. See 'Perry's Mastermind'


3. Executive Coaching & Advisory

Create a success framework that leads to personal and professional freedom and fulfillment. See 'Executive Coaching' 


4. Exclusive Personal and Professional Development Retreats each fall and winter. See 'Exclusive Retreats'

Engagement is a one-year commitment, with four quarterly payments of  US$25,000. In the first quarter, we address identity, purpose, and the path forward. Deliverables are a clearly articulated vision and framework for building your ideal life and future. In the second quarter, we re-align your work and commitments around the new framework and develop new habits and measures to keep you on track. In the third and fourth quarters, we hone this practice and course-correct as needed so that by the end of the year, you are seeing results and a return on your investment. 

1 | Superpower Sessions

The Superpower Sessions consist of three modules designed to clearly define and articulate your Identity, Purpose, and path to greater success and freedom. 

Module 1: Identity is about getting absolute clarity on how you go through the world. It starts with a deep dive into your origin story because that sets up your Driver- what you are compelled to do no matter what- and the thing that attracts other people to you. I think of this as a shield and magnet, which I will explain in detail. After calling out your Driver, we will survey you at your best to hear what the world sees and compare the results. 

  • Week 1: The Driver: Your origin story 

  • Week 2: Relationship 360: At your best 

  • Week 3: Compare results


Module 2: Purpose is how you deliver your Superpower with power and integrity. Unconsciously, we try to fit into other people’s methods and models. It makes sense but never fully serves us because it ignores our boundaries. Instead, I will reveal and hone the delivery method that is uniquely yours and allows you to achieve your best consistently, and explain it so people buy-in and support your way of doing things.

  • Week 4: Purpose: Create a new narrative

  • Week 5: Your Method: How you excel and deliver sustainably 

  • Week 6: Your conditions for success


The intent up to this point is to be ‘context neutral,’ meaning all of this work is about you and what the world needs from you regardless of your current job or position. Moving into the next phase, however, we re-contextualize things and understand how your purpose and method fit into today's reality and what might shift.


Module 3: Path is all about how far you can take it! With a clear understanding of your identity and purpose, we will envision success as you define it and plot the roadmap to your chosen destination. As your guide, I will point out possibilities you haven’t considered, reframe obstacles, and challenge assumptions that stem from your old origin story.

  • Week 7: North Star: What success looks and feels like

  • Week 7: Roadmap: Plot your goals and Milestones

  • Week 8: Perfect offer: Making you irresistible

The Superpower Sessions kick off our one-year engagement. A limited number of stand-alone Sessions may also be available by waitlist, either as an eight-week commitment delivered in 90-minute weekly sessions over Zoom or a live two-day intensive in an agreed-upon location. Fees for either approach are $25,000, payable upfront + travel and accommodation if applicable.

2 | Perry's Mastermind

A facilitated, confidential forum for sharing ideas, feedback, resources, and support, my Mastermind group is peer mentorship at its best. Many clients remain members for years.  The group meets over Zoom every other Wednesday from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Eastern. Occasionally, we also schedule topic-specific panels with outside guests.


The Mastermind is included in our engagement. Alumni may continue for $150/month with a minimum 6-month commitment.

3 | Executive Coaching

I serve a select roster of accomplished leaders as their ongoing executive coach, confidant, and professional advisor. My role is to keep them aligned to their best potential as we tackle continuing opportunities and challenges. This includes weighing in on strategy, development, marketing, operations, and personal issues that need attention.


One-year commitment, including the Superpower Sessions, and Mastermind during the engagement.

4 | Private Retreats

I offer an exclusive personal and professional development retreat twice yearly to current and past clients. This is an incredible way to re-align goals, network and connect, update your 3-5 year plans, and envision and develop the path to live your legacy.

By invitation only. The next retreat is TBA

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