Not Goodbye

There are no goodbyes to say to a place that is home. It’s baked-in, comes with, always ready to be conjured up as needed. So, then, this is not goodbye to a home but rather what made it so.

To choose Costa Rica as home meant many things over the last twenty years. A place to slow down, and a place to find new adventures. A place to learn new customs, and to see my own ways. A place to start again, again, build my home, learn a second language, and find my third wife. A place to earn my place.

I know you get this because for whatever reason you chose to be here, too and that is the common denominator our community is based on. Long, short, skinny or fat, red, brown, white or yellow, left or right, high or healthy, we all chose to make this home.

It’s a bigger deal than you might think. When even those farthest from our point of view agree this is the place to be we experience a shared interest that helps us cross otherwise unbridgeable gaps. It’s a choice to be proud of.

And proud I am. To have been part of a community of people who choose to care and, with them, to have had the opportunity to help develop, create, share and support so much positive impact, big and small. What an honor and blessing it has been.

While there are far too many people to thank for this a few efforts must be mentioned. The lifeguards, my heroes, with whom I am so proud to have served and who continue their brave work day after day should be lauded by us all. The town councils ADI Uvita, ADI Ojochal, and their committees do so much more than you know. The local emergency and security groups, grassroots environmental and educational programs, and family support and disaster relief organizations, what would this community be without you? Likewise, the incredible SOMOS Foundation acts as a support umbrella for these and so many other efforts. And how could I not mention my fellow musicians, and the chefs, and artists who put their hearts into creating such a rich texture for us all along the way.

Thank you, all who have been part of this wonderful journey. And especially thank you to the leaders who step forward over and over again to sustain the effort. I am humbled by and grateful for your commitment.

My family and I are moving to Canada to help care for my ailing father and share the next years in the company of our family there. It will be strange to winter again (my wife and son have no idea what’s coming), and we look forward to warm return visits in your company.

Until then, Goodbye and take good care.

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