How (not) to Get Rid Of A Piano

My kid is four years old, and I feel like 80. Although he was born in the jungle, Adam has taken to Canadian winter like a fish to water. Gone are lazy beach days, watching him build sandcastles. Now it's pulling him on the sled and hiking back up the hill for hours. It's also apparent that he's smarter than me. Here's proof: Friends gave us an old piano and told us it couldn't be tuned anymore (red-flag), but we figured it was good enough to learn on and took it anyway. Now, we can't get rid of it.

Because it's useless I decided to take it apart. What better father and son project could there be? Impressive mechanics, hundreds of pounds of steel, old screws that barely keep a screwdriver. And then there are all the strings- loaded up and ready to take out an eye out.

Adam was thrilled to see the many levers and their ‘chain reactions’. Within minutes, he had identified the essential functions and explained how it all worked in detail at dinner that night. All told, it took us four days to strip down and four weeks to dispose of. My back will never be the same.


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