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Confidential coaching and support for exceptional individuals.

Great wealth, success, and achievement come with unique challenges that few people understand. Enter Perry Gladstone, a confidential coach and advisor with a proven track record of elevating accomplished individuals to their greatest potential and supporting their continued growth.


If you are one of the few and ready to write your next chapter, Perry has the intuition, insight, skill, and tools to make that happen.

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If it’s a fit, the work begins now. 

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Perry Coaches Kick-ass Clients
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“I thought I knew how to maximize my strengths and wiring. You helped me unlock the other 80%.” – Kristen Heaney, Legacy Consultant

Perry guides families of wealth, CEOs, entrepreneurs, leading organizations, professional athletes, rock stars, international aid, and governments. It all stems from his unique ability to see and articulate their greater purpose and continued growth.

“Talking to Perry is like seeing into my future.”

– Luca Alvarez Molteni, 3X Michelin Star Chef

"Perry gave me a crazy amount of clarity into my path and purpose. It was game-changing." Lara Hana Brady, Motivational Speaker 

Perry founded ten action sports, entertainment, and media companies, non-profits, and foundations. He now serves a select roster of accomplished leaders as an advisor, coach, and mentor, speaks professionally, and moonlights as the recording artist Prince Perry.


Hi, I'm Perry

I built the largest Canadian snowboard brand in the world, saved lives in Costa Rica, produced radio, film, and television, and wrote the book on creating a better life in business. I surf, fly off mountains, and jump up and down with my guitar in front of people.

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Purpose and identity shift radically throughout our lives, and when you find yourself at the end of an era, wondering how to step forward, that's where I come in to offer clarity and help you write your next chapter.


Early days: I started selling comic books at eight and opened my first skateboard shop at 15. I made friends with Tony Hawk and ended up behind the camera on the feature film Police Academy 4. At 19, I was manufacturing and selling skateboards internationally, and by the time I was 25, I had created the largest Canadian snowboard brand in the world.

Perry Gladstone skateboard halfpipe
Perry Gladstone Surfing

My hot-shot years 25 – 35: I sold the snowboard company and lived like a millionaire. I got married, divorced, produced radio, film, and television, and set a freediving record for holding my breath for a really long time. I surfed epic waves in Fiji and Indonesia and traveled the globe as a World-Record judge.

Maturing 35 – 50: Recorded three albums, got famous in Mexico, toured the US, Canada, and Europe with my Ska Band, started an advertising agency so I could have beer on tap in the office, and wrote the book Creating a Better Life in Business. I moved to Costa Rica, became an advisor to Central American governments, got married again, and became a dad. I’m an optimist.

Perry Performing
How it Works
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Define your purpose, path, and greatest potential

Powerful peer-mentorship, feedback, and resources

Personal and professional development coaching and advisory

Personal and professional development retreats in Costa Rica and Canada

“Perry is a veritable one-man advisory board and an invaluable asset to anyone

serious about success.”
– Fidel Reijerse, President, RESCo Energy Inc.

"Perry helps me achieve better professional relationships, partnerships,

and financial success." 

Andrew Taylor, Octagon Mentoring


“I gave up two opportunities to see POTUS to keep my regular time with Perry” 

Ezinne Uzo-Okoro, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy 

“Perry’s innovative and incisive approach unearths realms of potential

and impact for people who have everything.”

Cristina Gallegos


“I so appreciate having someone who gets me, calls me out when necessary,

and with whom I can fully show up as my authentic self. It’s empowering and brings

clarity and alignment to my whole life.”

Aleta Williams, Executive Director, GOPA USA


If you’re ready for greater clarity, direction, and what comes next, let’s talk.

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Perry Gladstone


Thanks! I'll follow up with you promptly!!

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