• I help successful people write their next chapter. They trust me because of my unique ability to see and articulate their continued growth. Together we elevate their purpose, passion, and most meaningful contribution.-



    "Everyone is talking about their Why, but the Way you engage and deliver is the difference between achievement and greatness.” Perry Gladstone

    Superpower Sessions

    First, we identify what you do better than anyone else, i.e., your Superpower- what the world needs from you. Yes, I know you are great at what you do, but I'm talking about what you can't help but make happen

    Next, we break down exactly how that works- where your mojo lives and where you get stuck. Then we dig into your world and opportunities and call out the best version of you, your accomplishments, and what your legacy looks like today and tomorrow. 

    The ability to understand and articulate exactly how and why you kick ass is what separates the best from the rest and will serve you for the rest of your life. Eight weekly group sessions or 3-day intensive. 1:1 coaching by referral only.



    The Legacy Project

    You’ve made your money, and now it’s time to make a mark with something personal and meaningful that makes the world a better place.

    That’s where I come in. While you were building your empire, I was swimming with sharks, starting movements, and navigating the depths of power, politics, and human potential.

    My superpower is the ability to see and articulate your continued growth. To help you reclaim your purpose and passion and guide you toward the true legacy you want to leave behind. 

    Once we have the plan, I will work with your family office or team to curate the best of the best to make it happen. By invitation only.

    Executive Coaching

    In these weekly or biweekly sessions, I will help you stay oriented toward your North Star, call you out on your crap, and point out your greatest opportunities for success. 

    You may also be invited to my exclusive Mastermind Group, The Moonshot Collective, a global network of accomplished leaders committed to supporting each other's success.

    By invitation only.


    Bio Highlights


    Early days: I started selling comic books at the age of 8 and opened my first skateboard shop at 15. I made friends with Tony Hawk and ended up in front of and behind the camera on Police Academy 4. At 19, I was manufacturing and selling skateboards internationally, and by the time I was 25, I had created the largest Canadian snowboard brand in the world.


    My hot-shot years 25-35: I sold the snowboard company and lived like a millionaire. I got married, divorced, produced radio, film, and television, and set a freediving record for holding my breath for a really long time. I surfed epic waves in Fiji and Indonesia, went bankrupt, and traveled the globe as a World-Record judge.


    Maturing? 35-50: Recorded three albums, got famous in Mexico, toured Europe with my Ska Band, started an advertising agency so I could have beer on tap in the office, and Wrote the book on Creating a Better Life in Business. I moved to Costa Rica, became an advisor to Central American governments, got married again, and became a dad. I’m an optimist.


    Now: My job is to cut through the crap, challenge limiting beliefs, and offer better ways to find success. When not engaged with clients, I surf, fly off mountains, and jump up and down with my guitar in front of people.


  • Select Advisory Clients: My coaching clients prefer discretion. Here are some of the not-so-secret organizations I have helped:  BMW Foundation, United Nations Development Programme, Central American Integration System (SICA), Costa Rica Ministries of Security and Tourism, Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC), Fundación SOMOS, School for Social Entrepreneurs, Royal LePage, Snowsports Industries America, League of Intrapreneurs, Salvation Army, Humber Institute for Technology and Advanced Learning, Ipsos-ASI, The Collective Best, TipTap MicroPayments Ltd.


    Powerful people trust me because I cut through the crap and show them their best potential. From coaching rock stars to advising governments, it's just what I do. If you want to achieve your greatest impact, send me a note, and let's see if it's a fit.